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CC Update to Biodiverity Plan web photo.
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TNC updtaing IL wildlif plan cover photo
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Workshop Materials

K Moore Powell WS1 Slides photo.PNG

Workshop 1 Main Slides

Jim Angel WS1 Slides photo.PNG

Observed Climate Change Slides

WS2 Slides pic.PNG

Workshop 2 Main Slides

WS 2 Climate Info packet pic.PNG

Climate Information Packet

WS3 Slides pic.PNG

Workshop 3 Slides

Climate Stressors List pic.PNG

Regional Climate Stressors List

Eco Adaptation Options pic.PNG

Ecological Adaptation Options

Joe Wheeler Slides photo.PNG

History of People and Prairies slides

Green Spaces Umek slide photo.PNG

Urban Green Spaces Slides

Becky Barak pic.PNG

How seeds become prairies

WS 2 Human Considerations pic.PNG

Human Climate Questionnaire

CW Prairies decision worksheet pic.PNG

Draft Decision Support Worksheet

Human Stressors List pic.PNG

Human Stressors List

Social Considerations pic.PNG

7 Social Considerations